Liebana's work is fueled by an increasing globalism and materialism in American culture as well as a search for happiness in a society predicated on these values. Obsessed with pop motifs, media in all formats, aesthetics, and excessive consumption, and the seductive promises that these symbols offer, she scrutinize insatiable consumer practices. Liebana confronts wealth inequality, racial and gender stereotyping, and her own disillusionment with the American dream as a first-generation Latinx artist. As part of her practice, she collect pop-culture images and thrift-store finds and reassemble them with organic, abstract forms and feminine signifiers - reclaiming these once familiar material goods to form objects with new value and meaning. And through a process of attraction and repulsion, Liebana satisfies her personal consumerist desires, achieving a sense of empowerment, and shaping her identity in a hyperconnected and materialist society.